Network configuration for NorthSec 2019

As with every edition, the NorthSec infrastructure team tries to promote new technologies during the event. This year, that means that you really shouldn't bother bringing operating systems that don't have full IPv6 support, don't know how to do SSL SNI or enterprise wireless/wired authentication.

Access to the team network will be available through both wired and wireless. For wireless, authentication is done using WPA2-Enterprise with TLS certificate.

Each team will be provided with its own SSL client certificate and will need to configure all their devices to properly establish an authenticated session when accessing the NSEC wireless network.

The team will be automatically authenticated to all our websites and challenges based on their subnet (assigned based on your EAP certificate or wired ports), so keep the certificate private and secure access to your wired ports.

All .nsec services are TLS secured. In order to access those easily, we recommend you configure your web browser to trust the NorthSec 2015 Internal Root CA authority. All services run on their own separate certificate, so manually trusting them all one by one may not be practical. We won't use this certificate outside of *.nsec domains. If you don't trust this certificate, a list of all the fingerprints you need to accept is available here.

For detailed instruction, please choose your operating system in the list at the top of the page and follow the instructions. It is recommended that you look into how to configure your operating system BEFORE arriving at the venue!

See you all on Friday!