Windows configuration

WARNING: It can take up to 5 minutes once you're authenticated before you can get access to the Internet. Please, be patient.

Install Certificates

You have to install the NorthSec Internal Root CA and your team certificate.

  1. Download the certificates (they were sent to you by email).
  2. Confirm the ca.crt thumbprint:
  3. Install the NorthSec 2015 Internal Root CA to your local machine's trusted root certification authority store.
  4. Install your team certificate to your current's user personal store. (and use your team's password)

Setup 802.1X

Wireless (Windows 8)

  1. Connect to the `NSEC` wireless network using a certificate
  2. Trust the intermediate certificate

Wireless (Windows 7)

  1. Connect to the `NSEC` wireless network
  2. Select your team certificate
  3. Accept the intermediate certificate as the server's expected identity