Georges-Bastien Michel

Reverse Engineer / Security Researcher

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Georges-Bastien Michel Reverse Engineer / Security Researcher, Reversense

Georges-B Michel is the founder and principal security researcher at Reversense. He worked on many security topics including deobfuscation, DBI, Android RASPs bypass, TEE/TA reversing, web application security, and secure coding. Since 2018, he develops several public OSS and private projects such as Interruptor (a Frida library to improve syscall hooking) and Dexcalibur (a mobile reverse engineering and instrumentation automation software). He talked at several security conferences including Insomni'hack, SSTIC, THC, and PassTheSalt.

Training: Contournement des protections modernes contre la rétro-conception sous Android (In French / On Site)

THIS TRAINING IS ONLY IN FRENCH De nos jours, les applications mobiles modernes Android sont souvent protégées contre la rétro-conception par des outils de protection industriels.