Hope Walker

Senior Consultant

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Hope Walker Senior Consultant, SpecterOps

Hope is a consultant at SpecterOps with experience in conducting and leading red team operations. Prior to joining SpecterOps, she conducted research, led red team process improvement efforts, trained new operators, and managed the operations floor for a DoD Red Team. Hope holds four degrees from the University of Alabama in Huntsville including a master's in cyber security and was a recipient of the National Science Foundation Cyber Corps scholarship.

Training: SpecterOps - Adversary Tactics: Red Team Operations

Upgrade your red team tradecraft with cutting-edge Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures (TTPs) used by attackers in real-world breaches. This course will teach participants how to infiltrate networks, gather intelligence, and covertly persist to simulate advanced adversaries. Participants will use the skillsets taught in this course to go up against incident response in a complex lab environment designed to mimic an enterprise network. You'll learn to adapt and overcome active response operations through collaborative feedback as the course progresses.