Jared Atkinson

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Jared Atkinson ,

Jared is a security researcher who specializes in Digital Forensics and Detection Engineering. Recently, he has been building and leading private sector Detection and Response programs. In his previous life, Jared led incident response missions for the U.S. Air Force Hunt Team, detecting and removing Advanced Persistent Threats on Air Force and DoD networks. Passionate about PowerShell and the open source community, Jared is the lead developer of PowerForensics, Uproot, maintains a DFIR focused blog at www.invoke-ir.com, and is the host of the Detection: Challenging Paradigms podcast.

Discussion: Detection engineering

This is a Q&A session.

Q&A and discussion for the malware block, hosted and moderated by Jared Atkinson. Questions will be gathered from the audience during the four prior talks.