Fundamentals of Industrial Control Systems (ICS) Security

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This two-day course provides IT security professionals and ICS/OT engineers interested in ICS/OT security with the fundamental knowledge and skills required to build and expand an ICS/OT security team. Click here for Training Syllabus

Chris Sistrunk, PE , Mandiant

Chris Sistrunk is a Technical Leader in Mandiant’s Consulting practice, focusing on cyber security for industrial control systems (ICS), operational technology (OT), and critical infrastructure for over 9 years. As technical leader of the ICS/OT Consulting team, Chris leads ICS/OT assessment methodology development, helps clients better secure their ICS networks, analyzes client networks for threats, assists Mandiant incident response investigations involving control systems, and teaches Mandiant’s ICS security training courses.

Camille Felx Leduc , Mandiant

Ms. Felx Leduc is an ICS Senior Security Consultant in Mandiant’s Canadian practice. As part of the ICS Services team, Camille supports clients with better securing their ICS networks, analyzes client networks for threats, and supports clients with strategic assessment, roadmap development, and initiative implementation, including Security Program Assessments, and threat modeling.