Chris Truncer

Red Team Lead

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Chris Truncer Red Team Lead, FortyNorth

Christopher has extensive experience performing red team assessments, but also regularly performs external and internal penetration tests, web application assessments, and social engineering tests. He has led red team assessments in a wide range of industries: from public to private, banking, health care, insurance, retail, and more. Chris has spoken at variety of conferences around the world and has taught courses on penetration testing and red teaming at conferences such as Black Hat and SteelCon. He is also an active open source developer, contributing to a large number of security tools such as the Veil-Framework, EyeWitness, WMImplant and more.

Training: Initial Access Operations (On Site)

The Intrusion Operations class provides students a unique opportunity to learn and implement real-world techniques used by advanced adversaries. An attacker can easily break into an organization by abusing misconfigurations, but the inverse also applies - defenders can easily detect red teams and malicious actors using commodity malware, default indicators, and more. You will learn how to overcome enterprise defenses and hardened infrastructure. You will leverage custom tooling and advanced configurations to break into a simulated corporate network and develop targeted malware profiles to remain undetected. You will leave this class with the skills and tools to develop custom tradecraft for long term persistence.