Henri Hambartsumyan

Co-Founder & Red Teamer

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Henri Hambartsumyan Co-Founder & Red Teamer, FalconForce

Henri Hambartsumyan is an experienced technical security professional, with 10 years of technical security experience. Henri started his career as pentester and moved to the more advanced pentesting projects. Later he started executing "covert operations", which the industry later dubbed to "red teaming". In the recent years, Henri has performed countless red team operations amongst which 4 TIBER exercises. Next to projects, Henri spent most off-time in developing AV bypasses for future ops. The last year, Henri has taken an interest in blue teaming, especially in detecting more advanced tradecraft in a realistic way. Due to his in-depth understanding of the tradecraft, he currently develops detection rules for advanced attacks as part of blog series FalconFriday and for clients. Next to this, he is still active in performing red teams.

Training: Detection Engineering for Windows

The Intrusion Operations class provides students a unique opportunity to learn and implement real-world techniques used by advanced adversaries. An attacker can easily break into an organization by abusing misconfigurations, but the inverse also applies - defenders can easily detect red teams and malicious actors using commodity malware, default indicators, and more. You will learn how to overcome enterprise defenses and hardened infrastructure. You will leverage custom tooling and advanced configurations to break into a simulated corporate network and develop targeted malware profiles to remain undetected. You will leave this class with the skills and tools to develop custom tradecraft for long term persistence.