Mathieu Saulnier

Director Threat Research & Security Content

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Mathieu Saulnier Director Threat Research & Security Content, Sumo Logic

Bio Mathieu Saulnier is a “Security Enthusiast” and a Core Mentor for Defcon's Blue Team Village. He is currently "Director Threat Research" at Sumo Logic where he focuses on research, threat hunting and adversary detection. In the last 2 decades, he worked for one of the largest carrier in Canada as Sr Security Architect and held numerous positions as a consultant within several of Quebec’s largest institutions. Since 2020 he took his mentoring engagement to the next level by joining the Blue Team Village Mentor Program. He loves to give talks and has had the honor to do so at Derbycon, SANS DFIR Summit, Defcon’s BTV, NorthSec, GrayHat, GoSec and some BSides.

Discussion: Q&A Detection

This is a Q&A session. Moderators will take audience questions both remotely and on-site via

Q&A Panel for the detection block

Talk: Password Audit Cracking in AD: The Fun Part of Compliance

Talks will be streamed on YouTube and Twitch for free.

This is the story of three organizations: EvilKittens (a criminal group), YOLO Corp (a new company that don't have any security staff) and CoolSec (a company that goes above security compliance). We will see how two corporations fret against EvilCats during various attack scenarios that all involve passwords.