Veronica Valeros

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Veronica Valeros , Czech Technical University

Veronica is a researcher and intelligence analyst from Argentina. Her research strongly focuses on helping people. A jack of all trades, she currently specializes in threat intelligence, malware traffic analysis, and data analysis. She has presented her research at international conferences such as BlackHat, EkoParty, Botconf, Virus Bulletin, Deepsec, and others. She is the co-founder of the MatesLab hackerspace based in Argentina and co-founder of the Independent Fund for Women in Tech. She is currently the director of the Civilsphere project at the Czech Technical University, dedicated to protecting civil organizations and individuals from targeted attacks. She's also the project leader at the Stratosphere Laboratory, a research group in the Czech Technical University dedicated to study and research in cybersecurity and machine learning.

Training: Getting Your Hands Dirty: Understanding & Hunting Down Malware Attacks in Your Network

This hands-on training teaches the essential know-how of malware traffic analysis: the experience and knowledge of understanding malware behaviors on the network. The core of the training is not about the tools, but the experience transmitted and gained by students. Students should leave with the knowledge to recognize malicious actions of malware in the network.