AMITT - Adversarial Misinformation Playbooks

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We describe the use of adversarial misinformation playbooks to detect and counter disinformation, and explore advances in misinfosec tooling appropriated from the infosec community.

Adversarial Misinformation Influence Tactics and Techniques (AMITT) framework is a common language for describing organized communication attacks.

Misinformation, and more nefariously disinformation, has become a hot button issue as the public and private sector struggle to contain influence operations which threaten to degrade political and social fabrics.

Using well-established information-sharing standards and tooling appropriated from the InfoSec community, we explore the use of the AMITT for the detection and disruption of influence operations. Where response to disinformation has been largely reactive, we discuss left-of-boom operational playbooks and strategies for working with disinformation at scale.

Octavia Hexe ,

Octavia is an independent security researcher. They have worked in security engineering, purple team, adversary emulation roles, and as a volunteer with non-profits countering disinformation.