Stay quantum safe: future-proofing encrypted secrets

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I present last year’s progress on the development of quantum-safe cryptography to protect communications susceptible to being intercepted today and decrypted later with the help of a quantum computer.

As the world prepares for the advent of quantum computers, the security community must also prepare to defend against it: most of the cryptography in used today succumb to quantum attacks. I'll present recent progress in the development of quantum-resistant cryptography, it’s (2nd round of) standardization by NIST, it’s implementation in our Open Quantum Safe project, and results from our recent experiments integrating and benchmarking it in TLS, SSH, and VPN. Last year’s work allows developers to start experimenting with post-quantum cryptography to protect encrypted data that could be recorded today and decrypted with a quantum computer within a decade; I'll conclude with guidance to help such efforts.