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Q&A and discussion for the hardware block, hosted and moderated by Geneviève Lajeunesse. Questions will be gathered from the audience during the four prior talks.

Ben Gardiner ,

Mr. Gardiner is an independent consultant at Yellow Flag Security, Inc. presently working to secure heavy vehicles at the NMFTA. With more than ten years of professional experience in embedded systems design and a lifetime of hacking experience, Gardiner has a deep knowledge of the low-level functions of operating systems and the hardware with which they interface. Prior YFS Inc. and joining the NMFTA team in 2019, Mr. Gardiner held security assurance and reversing roles at a global corporation, as well as worked in embedded software and systems engineering roles at several organizations. He holds a M.Sc. Eng. in Applied Math & Stats from Queen’s University. He is a DEF CON Hardware Hacking Village (DC HHV) and Car Hacking Village (CHV) volunteer. He is GIAC GPEN certified and a GIAC advisory board member, he is also chair of the SAE TEVEES18A1 Cybersecurity Assurance Testing TF (drafting J3061-2), and a voting member of the SAE Vehicle Electronic Systems Security Committee. Mr. Gardiner has delivered workshops and presentations at several world cybersecurity events including GENIVI security sessions, Hack in Paris, HackFest and DEF CON.

Marc-andre Labonte Penetration tester, Desjardins

Marc-andre Labonte was a system administrator for more than a decade at the McGill Genome Center while it was known as the McGill University and Genome Quebec Innovation Center. There, he took part in the design, deployment, operation and maintenance of the data center as it went through multiple upgrade cycles to accommodate ever powerful high throughput genome sequencers coming to market.

Then, he joined the ETTIC team at Desjardins in 2016 as infrastructure penetration tester. Currently doing research and testing on IOT devices, he also presented "Leveraging UART, SPI and JTAG for firmware extraction" workshop at NSEC in 2019. His work is motivated by curiosity and a strong sense of personal privacy in a world of connected devices and data hungry organizations.

Eric Evenchick Technical Director, NCC Group

Eric is a Technical Director working within the Transportation and Hardware practices at NCC Group. His work has been focused on automotive system security, firmware binary analysis, and tool development.

Eric has developed several open-source tools for automotive security testing including CANtact and CANtact Pro. These tools have been used by a wide variety of automotive companies, security firms, and government agencies.

Eric holds a Bachelor of Applied Science in Electrical Engineering from the University of Waterloo. While in school, he performed research on development of alternative fuels vehicles in partnership with General Motors. Eric is a member of the Black Hat and SecTor review boards. He has also presented at numerous security conferences including: Black Hat, SecTor, DEF CON, ToorCon, PyCon USA, and NorthSec.

Geneviève Lajeunesse (denki) ,

Geneviève is a cybersecurity professional and maker. Her professional experience spans almost 2 decades in technology in various industries, currently focusing on cloud security. A seasoned educator, she has initiated hundreds of teenagers to the maker movement and disruptive technologies such as rapid prototyping of electronics and 3D printing. She volunteers alongside marginalized and at-risk groups to empower them in adopting the best cybersecurity posture possible and to innovate to futher their missions.