Just Add More LEDs: NSec 2018 and 2019 Badge Mods

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Here's what you can do with a hardware badge once a con is over besides just hanging it up on the lanyard. Specifically, how to modify the Nsec 2018 'Sputnik' and 2019 'Brain' badges for off-board LED strips. e.g. as a monitor backlight, or just BLINKEN LIGHTS! With a bonus of how to do a hardware-port of a 503 party badge to the nsec 2018 badge.

I'll share all the parts lists with links and steps on how to do it. The LED strip mods are pretty simple and could be completed at home by those with some soldering experience, but I will show a few ways not to do it that I learned the hard way anyways. We will try to always include the "why it's possible" for those of you not familiar with HW stuff: Attendees will leave with parts lists and plans to add off-board LEDs to the 2018 and 2019 Nsec badges as well as the burning desire to make their own mods to other conference badges, whether or not they probably should. I love making my own use of HW -- usually involving a mess of wires and I hope it rubs off on you too.