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Hosted panel discussion and Q&A.

Hosted panel discussion and Q&A.

Guillaume Ross Head of Security, Fleet Device Management

Guillaume is Head of Security at Fleet Device Management, the company behind the open source Fleet management platform for managing and using osquery. While he prefers working in startups, he’s been working in security forever in organizations of all types, and prefers looking at the bright side of things and things that WORK instead of repeating 30 year old « best practices » that never have!

Émilio Gonzalez ,

Émilio works in a blue team at a large Canadian organization. He loves to participate in CTFs and create challenges to introduce people to some defensive aspects of CyberSecurity. He's a co-organizer for MontréHack, a monthly CTF workshop in Montréal (duh). If you see him in a bar someday, do not approach him or he'll probably start a rant about tabs being the superior indentation character or about how cars ruin cities.

Maya Kaczorowski Product Manager, Tailscale

Maya is a Product Manager at Tailscale, providing secure networking for the long tail. She was previously at GitHub in software supply chain security, and before that at Google working on container security and encryption key management. Prior to Google, Maya worked at McKinsey, and studied mathematics at McGill University.

Yuriy Arbitman Data Scientist, Imperva

As a data scientist in Imperva, I develop machine learning solutions for various cyber security projects. I'm fascinated by the wonders that data science and machine learning bring to the world. The wealth of open-source frameworks enable us to build systems today at scale and ease unthinkable just several years ago. In the last 20+ years I've been working in the hi-tech industry in Israel. I am lucky to have worked for several great companies in engineering, management and research positions. I hold an M.Sc. in Computer Science from the Weizmann Institute in Israel.

Eric Chiang Security Engineer, Google

Eric is an Engineer on Google’s Enterprise Infrastructure Protection team, where he builds systems to scale internal security processes. He’s previously worked on Linux fleet security at Google, upstream Kubernetes, and Cloud authentication systems.

Caspian Kilkelly Senior Consultant, Services, CrowdStrike

Caspian Kilkelly is a senior consultant with CrowdStrike's Canadian services team. Caspian's career highlights include a variety of roles over 20 years that usually end in the word "security" or the word "consultant". Caspian has worked with the security teams of a variety of different companies across North America and Europe as an incident responder, advisor and exercise lead. In his spare time, Caspian helps organize cybersecurity conferences you've probably never heard of.