Democratizing (cyber) warfare and the battle for Ukraine. Tactics, techniques and methods for effective offensive cyber operations.

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Learning about the tools, techniques and methods being used can not only benefit security professionals in the private sector; nation-states who are seriously lacking in talent and resources should take detailed notes on what is happening in Ukraine currently. Could they defend against such attacks, and if needed, could they deploy resources to effectively fight a hybrid conflict.

The Ukrainian conflict can help us understand the future of warfare, and the evolving security landscape, though most of all, it gives us on the offensive side, some new tricks of the trade to add to our toolboxes; and most frightening are the nation-state threat actors taking notes.

Sarah Kraynick ,

Sarah Kraynick BA, CISSP

Sarah Kraynick is a long-time hacker. She spent her youth hacking electronics, well really any system she could get her hands on. She later would graduate University and go onto work in the tech industry. She spent the better part of 10 years as a software engineer with a keen interest in security engineering. She had a foray into tech entrepreneurship and learned much about privacy and security of PHI. For the last 5 or so years her main focus has been on cyber security; she primarily worked on the offensive side of the house. Her research interests include cryptography, malware, reverse engineering and apparently cyber warfare. Sarah is currently working towards her CISSP-ISSEP… in the future she hopes to finally get her masters.