Keeping Ukraine Connected

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The war in Ukraine is also being fought online. Hacking teams score victories for both sides. Ukrainians in occupied territories are blinded by Russian censorship and propaganda. Military activities destroy Ukrainian Internet infrastructure. Since the beginning of the second invasion in February 2022, eQualitie has launched a series of rapid efforts focusing on digital security and emergency response to various communication and safety needs of Ukrainian citizens, media agencies, human rights organizations, and CSOs. And without too much surprise, the notion of decentralization has suddenly become fashionable again... About eQualitie For over a decade eQualitie has been on the forefront of defending digital freedoms, confounding the aims of state-sponsored hacking teams. eQualitie puts its principles before profits - valuing the privacy of its clients and the transparency of offered solutions above commercial incentive. Our technology solutions span DDoS mitigation, machine lead bot defenses, ensuring content delivery in highly censored network environments and multiple capacity building efforts around the world. We operate in some of the most complicated political environments, in unison with local and international partners. Based in Montreal, we are keen to share with and learn from the NorthSec community. About the Presenter Michel Lambert is the General Manager of eQualitie, a Montreal based technology company developing network technology, novel encryption algorithms and distributed systems for censorship circumvention to protect data, privacy and freedom of expression online. Michel has lead an international solidarity organization active on human rights, including the right of access to a free and open Internet for 13 years. He launched civil society Internet portal projects in the Democratic Republic of Congo and in the Middle East in addition to supporting the establishment of various digital security schools. Also active on Internet governance issues, Michel Lambert is a founding member of the Canadian Internet Governance Forum and active with the Quebec Chapter of the Internet Society.