Onapsis - Attacking & Securing SAP Applications: 2023 Edition (On Site)

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This highly-practical course will teach attendees not only the fundamentals on how to pentest and secure SAP systems, but also the latest techniques and procedures.

Yvan Genuer Security Researcher at Onapsis.,

Yvan Genuer is a Security Researcher at Onapsis. He has over 20 years of SAP experience. He has been delivering consultancy services around SAP Security as well as researching for vulnerabilities into SAP products, resulting in SAP AG official acknowledgements he has received, for several vulnerabilities he originally reported. Furthermore, he has also conducted both training and talks about this topic in conferences.

Ignacio D. Favro Security Researcher at Onapsis.,

Ignacio Favro is Security Research at Onapsis. He loves researching and exploring new technologies, and thinking about potential new vulnerabilities and exploitation vectors. Always with a curious spirit, Ignacio enjoys jumping between projects involving different programming languages, network protocols or research methodologies. Before joining Onapsis, he worked as a security consultant with activities such as pentesting, which he began to specialize in SAP when he joined the company, as well as teaching the SAP security course.