Software Deobfuscation Techniques (Virtual)

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Code obfuscation has become a vital tool to protect, for example, intellectual property against competitors. In general, it attempts to impede program understanding by making the to-be-protected program more complex. As a consequence, a human analyst reasoning about the obfuscated code has to overcome this barrier by transforming it into a representation that is easier to understand. In this training, we get to know state-of-the-art code obfuscation techniques, look at how these complicate reverse engineering and learn how to break them.

Tim Blazytko Chief Scientist, emproof,

Tim Blazytko is a well-known binary security researcher and co-founder of emproof. After working on novel methods for code deobfuscation, fuzzing and root cause analysis during his PhD, Tim now builds code obfuscation schemes tailored to embedded devices. Moreover, he gives trainings on reverse engineering & code deobfuscation, analyzes malware and performs security audits.