COVID-19: NorthSec 2022 is hybrid!


NorthSec 2022 will be on-site… and available virtually! All content will be available online. The conference will be streamed for free and online CTF tickets are sold for 10$. We also offer on-site tickets for an optimal human experience!

On-site tickets are released in batches as we monitor the changes in health regulations from the Quebec Government.

Our team is still working out many details, so please be patient with us. We’ll be providing important updates to your inbox along the way! Subscribe to our newsletter to be notified first

Here’s what you need to know:

Mask Mandate

As you probably know by now, Quebec’s Public Health guidelines removed the requirement for masks in indoor public places as of May 14th. As such, in order to stay consistent with our promise to follow government regulation, we have decided not to override these decisions by enforcing masks at NorthSec.

Although this might be a relief for some, we ask that you remain sensitive to the fact that there are still many members and participants who, for safety reasons, are not yet comfortable with this change in measure.

Therefore, all contributors, volunteers and participants are strongly encouraged to wear the mask as much as possible, especially during times of high interaction with participants and travel in crowds.

If you have any symptoms that are related to COVID-19 you must self-isolate. We also ask that you get tested before you come and of course wash your hands often.

This applies to the Training, the Conference, the CTF and all other activities organized by NorthSec.

We’ll keep everyone updated soon; follow us on Twitter for all the updates as they come.

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