Frequently Asked Questions

1) Does the ticket price include taxes ?

The listed price does not include GST/QST and Eventbrite fees but they will be automatically calculated at checkout. Tax numbers are displayed in the ticket description.

2) Where can I contact the organizers with any questions?

For any questions, write us an email at

3) Is my registration/ticket transferable?

Yes. Check out this page on how to transfer your ticket to someone else. We will not assist with ticket transfer. You can transfer your event ticket/registration to someone else just by updating your order information with the new attendee’s information.

4) Can I upgrade my ticket to include the Conference and/or Trainings at a later date?

Yes but we will charge you the price difference from the upgrade at the date it is requested, not at the time you originally purchased your ticket. To get a ticket upgrade, follow the instruction on this page.

5) Is my registration refundable?

All ticket sales are final, no refunds.

6) Why are we asking for your age?

There will be a bar service during the event and the organisation will ensure that no participant under 18 will be able to drink alcohol on site.

7) What are the talks for this year?

Conference talks will be announced later, after the CFP rounds are over. Follow us on Twitter to be notified as soon as the selection is public.

8) Do I need an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) or a visitor visa (and letter of invitation)?

Starting March 15, 2017, visa-exempt foreign nationals who fly to or transit through Canada will need an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA). Exceptions include U.S. citizens and foreign nationals with a valid visa. For more information, visit

If you need a letter of invitation, contact us at, with your ticket confirmation number to proceed with the details. Please note that you need to contact us at least 2 months before the event.

9) Will you be sharing my information with sponsors and/or vendors?

No. We do not share any personal information with anyone outside the organization and access to this information is limited to our executive board on a “need-to-know” basis. We do ask for generic information about your job type in order to build global statistics about the event. We do abide by the Canadian and Quebec privacy acts.

10) Are there any specific rules for attending NorthSec?

Yes. The event has a Code of Conduct.

11) Does the ticket include food during the event?

Generally speaking, no, the ticket does not include daily meals, though a light breakfast, fruits and refreshments might be available during the event.

Some side-events during the conference or the CTF might include a sponsored snack offering.

12) How do I register for my CPE credits from ISC2?

Unfortunately NorthSec being a non-profit, we can’t afford the substantial ISC2 fees for being directly listed on their Website. You should be able to directly claim for the duration of the portion of the event you attended with your eventbrite ticket as a proof:

  • If you register for a training you can claim the entire training duration in days.
  • If you register for the conference you can claim 14 hours.
  • If you register for the CTF you can claim 3 days.

13) How does the student discount work?

NorthSec offers a 50% discount for students applicable to all components of the event (training, CTF, and conference). To take advantage of the discount, you must be a full-time student in a CEGEP, college or in a university program.

  • To benefit from the student discount, you must provide one of the following proofs in PDF format at the time of purchasing your ticket. The absence of proof or an invalid proof will result in the automatic cancellation of your ticket.

List of accepted proofs:

  • Invoice for your winter 2024 semester marked as paid and indicating your full-time status
  • A letter or transcript from your registrar confirming your full-time enrollment status for the winter 2024 semester
  • Confirmation of an internship for the winter 2024 semester

For student group purchase (8 or more), please contact our registration: