Outreach Statement and Initiatives

As the organizers of NorthSec, we are committed to ensuring a respectful environment for all participants and facilitating an inclusive conference. We insist that anyone — regardless of race, ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, ability, body size, religion and beliefs — be treated equitably and respectfully. We believe that a respectful environment can be fostered when all participants respect the conference’s Code of Conduct.

We also recognize that there’s a need to increase diversity at information security conferences, especially considering that socially diverse groups promote environments that lead to increased innovation and creativity all while being more inclusive. More than this, we believe that organizing committees for security events can help tip the balance by taking concrete action. That’s why we develop new outreach initiatives every year.

Among numerous initiatives, we contact organizations that support diversity in information security and invite them to attend and participate. With that in mind, if you identify as part of an under-represented group and wish to attend our event, please don’t hesitate to contact us at outreach@nsec.io.

Opportunity to apply for a NorthSec Training Session

Taking our actions even further, we have decided to offer — under specific conditions and with the instructor’s agreement — one free seat for each of the following training sessions to someone who is part of a group that is under-represented in information security:

More information.

If you’d like to apply for this opportunity, please prepare an application that includes:

  • Either a letter of motivation (maximum one page) or a video statement: Please explain how you identify as part of an under-represented group in information security and how you would benefit from this course, as well as anything else you would like to add.
  • Description of knowledge and technical skills to follow the training (maximum one page) or a video statement: We want to give this opportunity to someone who is motivated and able to follow the course content at a pace similar to other participants. Tell us what you’ve learned in the past years, how you fulfill the minimum requirements for the course and how you’ll use the course content for your personal and/or professional life.
  • Your resume

The application will be reviewed by the NorthSec outreach committee and the free training will be awarded based on three criteria:

  • The applicant’s motivation
  • The applicant’s ability to follow the training
  • The overall quality of the application

All applications should be sent to outreach@nsec.io with the subject Outreach candidate 2024 before April 1st, 2024. We will notify you as soon as possible with the outreach committee decision.

Submit your application.

Contact us

We understand that our outreach efforts are an ongoing process. That’s why we also welcome the help of the broader information security community. If you have any ideas, questions or thoughts you would like to share with us, don’t hesitate to contact us at outreach@nsec.io.