Community Room

Be part of NorthSec’s history!

What it is?

Northsec is finally back in person, and we can’t wait to be together among humans again. So much so that we’re dedicating a whole room to reconnecting, opening our minds, creating, learning new things outside of the traditional scope of the conference and having fun with friends old and new.

We’re calling this new space the Community Room. We have a number of activities planned already - from a thieves’ den to workshops on rarely-before-seen methods to brew beer, from musical creation to learning to solder. All of this seconds away from the rest of the conference, in the same building.

We’ve invited organizations aiming to build up a resilient infosec community - and a resilient community time so you can connect with them.

If you are

  • Someone with a special skill or interest who loves teaching others about it,
  • A collective or nonprofit organization interested in meeting security practitioners,
  • A maker, artist, anyone who thinks creating or sharing something during Northsec would be awesome,

Please contact us! We’d love to have you be a part of NorthSec history.