AMITT Countermeasures - A Defensive Framework to Counter Disinformation

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AMITT (Adversarial Misinformation and Influence Tactics and Techniques) is an open-source framework for describing the strategic, operational, and tactical elements of influence operations. By enabling researchers, practitioners, and policy makers to communicate their findings, AMITT is bringing together an international community to help combat disinformation.

Last year we introduced our work seeding communities and training them on the practical application of AMITT, as well as the framework's integration into free, open-source threat intelligence tools.

This year, the Cognitive Security Collaborative introduces major updates to the AMITT framework which now includes a complementary set of countermeasures to be used against adversarial influence operations.

In this talk we address some of the major disinformation events of 2020 relating to COVID-19 and the 2020 US Presidential election. Additionally, we explore the practical application of AMITT countermeasures.

Roger Johnston , Ubisoft

Roger Johnston is a security specialist at Ubisoft and a member of Cognitive Security Collaborative. In 2020, Cognitive Security Collaborative set up the CTI League's disinformation team, and continues to work with groups around the world to bootstrap communities of disinformation responders.

His work involves security consulting, adversary emulation, and malware development. At Cognitive Security Collaborative he researches influence operation TTPs and develops mitigation strategies for the AMITT framework, performs red team exercises, and develops trainings.

Sara-Jayne Terp CEO, Bodacea Light Industries

Sara-Jayne “SJ” Terp is a data nerd with a long history of working on the hardest data problems she can find. Her background includes designing unmanned vehicle systems, transport, intelligence and disaster data systems with an emphasis on how humans and autonomous systems work together; developing crowdsourced advocacy tools, managing innovations, teaching data science to Columbia’s international development students, designing probabilistic network algorithms, working as a pyrotechnician, and CTO of the UN’s big data team. Her current interests are focused on misinformation mechanisms and counters; she founded Bodacea Light Industries to focus on this, worked with the Global Disinformation Index to create an independent disinformation rating system, and runs a Credibility Coalition working group on the application of information security principles to misinformation. SJ holds degrees in artificial intelligence and pattern analysis and neural networks.