Burnout: Destabilizing Retention Goals and Threatening Organizational Security

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Several trends are now colliding to make burnout among security professionals a greater threat to business continuity than ever before. From alignment of deployment decisions with employee training to judgement-free skills assessments and engaging upskilling, every organization can take common sense-yet-uncommon steps to prevent and address burnout, and increase security talent retention.

Did you notice a shift in your mental health and/or your colleagues? Burnout was at an all time last year due to the surreal 2020. As we approach 2021, we recognize how critical mental health plays when accomplishing goals and productivity output. This talk dives into the factors that lead to burnout among security professionals, the clear line between burnout and failure to retain cybersecurity talent, and how to invest in your team to make sure your team is able to thrive during stressful times.