Public, verifiable, and unbiasable randomness: wassat?

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Randomness is infamously known for biting developers whenever cryptography is involved. Now that distributed systems are becoming a thing and also have to deal with it, let's explore what's what.

In this talk, we will walk through what's randomness, and why it matters. We will discover the different "flavours" of randomness, from the "private" to the "public" one, including the "verifiable", the "distributed" and the infamous "lack of" randomness.
We will discover a few use-cases for each of these, discuss the problems lurking behind each, and existing solutions to avoid them.
Finally we will (re)discover "drand", a distributed randomness open-source software that allows you to run your own, join an existing network or just query good quality public, verifiable, distributed randomness. We will briefly cover the existing League of Entropy behind the main existing drand network, what it's being used for and why public randomness should be treated as a public service.