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Q&A panel for the Vulnerability Research block.

Ron Bowes Lead Security Researcher, Rapid7

During the day, Ron Bowes is a lead vulnerability researcher at Rapid7, where his job is to perform deep-dive analyses of publicly disclosed vulnerabilities, as well as to find (and report) his own. His previous role at Counter Hack Security was combo pentester / CTF developer.

In his free time, he runs (and writes challenges for) the BSides San Francisco CTF and is a lead organizer for The Long Con security conference in Winnipeg. When he's not doing infosec work, his biggest hobbies are rockclimbing and video games (current game: Slay the Spire!)

Dirk-jan Mollema Security Researcher, Outsider Security

Dirk-jan Mollema is a hacker and researcher of Active Directory and Azure AD security. In 2022 he started his own company, Outsider Security, where he performs penetration tests and reviews of enterprise networks and cloud environments. He blogs at dirkjanm.io, where he publishes his research, and shares updates on the many open source security tools he has written over the years. He presented previously at TROOPERS, DEF CON, Black Hat and BlueHat and has been awarded as one of Microsoft’s Most Valuable Researchers multiple times.

Philippe Pépos Petitclerc Ph.D. Candidate,

After particularly enjoying his master's degree on symbolic execution of binary software, Philippe is now a PhD Candidate obsessing over automatic antivirus evasion. He spent a few years working as a Pentester, Red Teamer, Blue Teamer and more recently University Lecturer. He is a founding member of Résilience Coop, a newly born cooperative striving to help industries re-appropriate and comprehend their detection frameworks. Last but not least, he is a member of the Eternal Seconds, Hubert Hackin' CTF team.