Cyber Incident Command System: A Firefighter's Approach to Managing Cyber Incidents

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Let's face it, responding to cyber incidents is full of challenges but managing the dreaded "war room" shouldn't have to be one of them. In this talk AJ Jarrett, Incident Response Director at DTCC and former firefighter will discuss how cybersecurity and IT teams can leverage the tactics and techniques used by first responders during disasters to bring cyber incident response to the next level.

AJ Jarrett Incident Response Director, DTCC

AJ Jarrett is the Incident Response Director for the Threat Management Center at DTCC. Prior to joining DTCC, AJ worked for over 15 years in various IT and cybersecurity roles including defense, compliance, assessments, and incident response. In addition to his work at DTCC, AJ is also an Adjunct Instructor at the Texas A&M Engineering Extension Service and volunteers with various educational initiatives to help bring cybersecurity knowledge to as many people as possible.