NotSoSecure - Hacking and Securing the Cloud

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As cloud innovation gives birth to new technologies and new threats, now is the time to modernize your cloud security skills and bring them up to the industry standard. Join this hands-on, 4-day course to push your cloud hacking and vulnerability remediation skills to the next level and widen your career prospects. Get your hands dirty with our popular virtual labs and learn from experienced, practicing penetration testers with a legacy of training at Black Hat. Click here for Training Syllabus

Manish Rohilla Principal Security Consultant, NotSoSecure

Manish is involved in day-to-day Penetration Testing for a broad range of NotSoSecure clients, which includes infrastructure and web application Penetration Testing. Typically, clients are Fortune 500 companies and major organisations based in Europe and the US. Client work tends to be carried out in a small team of usually three highly collaborative NotSoSecure Security Consultants, although some work that he involved with is done solo depending on the size of the project. Manish developed an interest in Computer Science at college, beginning with programming and .Net, moving on to networks and Cybersecurity. This led to university studies and a degree in Electronics & Communications Engineering and in 2018 a Masters in Cybersecurity. Before joining NotSoSecure, he worked in Digital Forensics, which involved extracting artifacts from systems that had been used in a criminal activity. In his spare time, he keeps his skills and industry knowledge up-to-date, undertaking various items of personal research in Penetration testing, Cloud Security and DevSecOps. He has also participated in various Conferences like Black Hat, Bsides and Local Null Chapters.