Insert coin: Hacking arcades for fun

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Since we were children we wanted to go to the arcade and play for hours and hours for free. How about we do it now? In this talk I’m gonna show you some vulnerabilities that I discovered in the cashless system of one of the biggest companies in the world, with over 2,300 installations across 70 countries. We will talk about api security, access control and nfc among other things.

Ignacio Navarro Ethical Hacker, N/A

Ignacio Navarro, an Ethical Hacker and Security Researcher from Cordoba, Argentina. With around 6 years in the cybersecurity game, he's currently working as an Application Security. Their interests include code analysis, web application security, and cloud security. Speaker at Hackers2Hackers, Security Fest, BSides, Diana Initiative, Hacktivity Budapest, 8.8, Ekoparty. @Ignavarro1