What's New is Old - Parallels of OWASP's Top 10 for LLMs and Web Applications

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LLMs are the hot new thing, and are exciting enough to even have their own OWASP Top 10 as of 2023! But are these vulnerabilities really any different from what we already see in more traditional web applications?

In this talk, Logan will explore the different vulnerability families from the new OWASP Top 10 for LLM Applications, discuss the different scenarios represented therein with a focus on real-world exploitation scenarios, and outline how they parallel the vulnerabilities that we've all grown to love and pwn over the years.

Attendees should leave this talk with a more complete understanding of the vulnerabilities manifesting in LLM applications, how these vulnerabilities can directly affect end users, and scenarios to be conscious of when developing for, or around, LLM applications.

Logan MacLaren Senior Product Security Engineer, GitHub

Logan is a Senior Product Security Engineer at GitHub where he focuses on the success of their Bug Bounty program. When not hacking on GitHub itself, Logan can be found doing security research focused on open source projects, or learning and refining new skills with CTF challenges!