Adam Langley

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Adam Langley ,

Adam Langley has worked in the realms of web development and web application security for over 20 years. Through his experience he’s created educational content such as interactive labs, Capture The Flag (CTF) Events and gamified learning experiences.

Training: Web Hacking Ninja: Mastering Advanced Exploitation Techniques

At HackingHub we believe that truly effective security testing goes beyond simply learning about common web vulnerabilities. We approach hacking with an adversary mindset, focusing on objectives rather than just identifying isolated issues. In the real world, vulnerabilities don't exist in a vacuum – they can often be chained together by skilled hackers to maximize impact and reach an end goal. That's why our training emphasizes the power of combining vulnerabilities to paint a full picture of an application's security posture. In this advanced course, you'll learn about a range of critical flaws that could allow a malicious hacker to gain access to a company's infrastructure and sensitive data, including personally identifiable information (PII). Through hands-on labs and exercises, you'll practice thinking like an adversary and get a feel for how vulnerabilities can be exploited in sequence to devastating effect. Click here for Training Syllabus