Christian Paquin

Principal Program Manager

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Christian Paquin Principal Program Manager, Microsoft Research

I am a crypto/security specialist in MSR’s Security and Cryptography team. I’m currently involved in projects related to post-quantum cryptography, such as the Open Quantum Safe project. I’m also leading the development of the U-Prove technology. I’m mostly interested in identity and access management, privacy-enhancing technologies, smart cloud encryption (e.g., searchable and homomorphic encryption), and the intersection of AI and security.

Prior to joining Microsoft in 2008, I was the Chief Security Engineer at Credentica, a crypto developer at Silanis Technology working on digital signature systems, and a security engineer at Zero-Knowledge Systems working on TOR-like systems.

Talk: The quantum clock is ticking… get ready!

Talks will be streamed on YouTube and Twitch for free.

We’ve heard for years about the looming quantum threat: how a sufficiently powerful quantum computer could break the cryptography we use today. Many things happened during the last year forcing us to pay close attention to the situation: NIST selected their first post-quantum cryptography (PQC) algorithms for standardization, some government agencies have set rapid transition goals, industry groups started to discuss PQC integration. Will you be ready for the post-quantum transition?

In this talk, I’ll cover the emerging PQC algorithms (paying close attention to the lattice-based Kyber), give an intuitive overview of how they work, and explain how they integrate into TLS, SSH, X.509, etc. I’ll present open-source tools that can be used to prepare for the PQC migrations, to create a migration plan and to start experimenting with PQC.