Volunteers have been the heart and soul of Northsec since 2011. Northsec's entire organization is run by an incredible group of volunteers. Northsec is always looking to expand its family with unique talents and motivated people from different backgrounds and skills.

Volunteering at Northsec is all about having fun while participating to ensure the smooth running of the event.



In addition to an incredible network of contacts, all volunteers benefit from:

  • Free access to the conference and competition.
  • At least one Northsec volunteer T-shirt and mug, with some special editions for those who are involved for multiple years.
  • Food and drink while you volunteer.
  • Northsec also hosts an annual volunteer party to celebrate together, which tends to be quite a thing.


    Involvement and requirements

    Here are some examples of assignments that can be given:

  • Greeting and orienting participants during events
  • Participate in logistical operations
  • Be responsible for the audiovisual
  • Designing CTF challenges
  • Helping with communication, marketing, animation of virtual communities, etc.
  • The only requirement to volunteer is to be available for at least 12 hours during the event and/or the days leading up to it. Whenever possible, tasks are assigned according to the skills, interests and availability of the volunteers. Most positions require involvement during the event and possibly a few days before. Some positions may also require a more sustained position throughout the year. The Northsec team will be happy to provide you with information and help you find the right position for you. As the saying goes, WE WANT YOU! And we will do our best to help you find the best challenge.


    Volunteering at Northsec has been a wonderful experience, not only professionally but also in the great friendships I developed. The organisation has allowed me to sharpen my skills in a multitude of ways and I will always be grateful of my time spent with the team!


    I loved my first time at NorthSec as a volunteer! I met some great people and I will definitely be back at the next edition!


    I volunteered for the first time during the 2022 edition. I was able to help the logistics team organize the event, and discovered a side to it that you don't necessarily see when we take part in an event of this magnitude.