John Stigerwalt

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John Stigerwalt , White Knight Labs

John has worked as blue teamer, vCISO, developer, senior penetration tester, and red team lead. John served as the F-Secure red team lead for the western hemisphere. He has led long‐term red team engagements in highly complex Fortune 500 companies. He has worked together with Microsoft to increase kernel security for the Windows operating system. He has led training at BlackHat, DerbyCon, and Wild West Hackin’ Fest. He is the author WKL’s Advanced Red Team Operations course (ARTO). John has the following certifications: OSCP, OSCE, CRTP (Certified Red Team Professional), CRTE (Certified Red Team Expert), and SLAE (Assembly Language and Shellcoding). John is known as one of the most talented offensive cyber security experts in the world and can do whatever is asked of him on a computer.

Training: White Knight Labs - Offensive Development

Dive deep into cutting edge techniques that bypass or neuter modern endpoint defenses. Learn how these solutions work to mitigate their utility and hide deep within code on the endpoint. The days of downloading that binary from the internet and pointing it at a remote machine are over. Today’s defenses oftentimes call for multiple bypasses within a single piece of code. Click here for Training Syllabus