Kai Iyer

Senior Security Engineer

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Kai Iyer Senior Security Engineer, EY Canada

Kai is a Senior Security Engineer at EY's Cyber Threat Management team and manages Applied Machine Learning and Security Engineering. He holds multiple certifications and has extensive knowledge in various domains, including Web-App Development, Data Science, Incident Response, DevSecOps and Purple Teaming. He is also an advocate for open source software and data privacy. He dreams of a world where no one clicks on phishing e-mails.

Talk: Jupyter Jetpack: Automating Cloud Threat Hunting

Talks will be streamed on YouTube and Twitch for free.

The talk will outline detection and threat hunting strategies that could be easily adopted by a mature SOC to look for threats in their Cloud (O365 and AWS) environment. I'll be introducing a Jupyter notebook containing detections mapped to the MITRE ATT&CK framework and threat hunting methodologies backed by unsupervised machine learning. We will take a look at huge datasets using visualizations to find anomalies. These anomalies would be converted into High-Fidelity Detection, along with some ideas to extend this hunt to IAM Platforms like OKTA